Hello 23.

So I’ve written several blog posts that have not gotten posted my computer crashed and lost the ones I was working on.. Yikes. Good start. Go me! haha

Anyways, Moving on…

A couple weeks ago I embarked on my 23rd birthday. Goodbye 22. I LOVE birthdays, but this one was definitely memorable, not particularly because of anything exciting I did, but purely because of the people I realized are in my life and taking a day to really and truly reflect on the last year. I’m taking the good, the bad and the ugly. Reflecting really opens my eyes to what I really want out of life and what I need to do to be where I want. Reflecting brings on nostalgia and makes me realize the good that has been brought on in my life from choices I’ve made… now weather that be good or bad, every choice that I’ve made up till this point in my life has gotten me to exactly where I am now. We all make mistakes and heck in the last year I could definitely tell you it was almost like I was wearing blinders the entire year and finally around September I woke up. I kept thinking I needed to fit in and be like everyone else when I knew… I mean I really knew deep down that’s not the case, but I was surrounded by a life that wasn’t me. I was surrounded with people and things that weren’t bettering my life, my career or even my mental state. I was surrounded by things that were SO materialistic. I was surrounded by people living not for themselves and living to please the world and what appeals to everyone else, as was I… without even realizing it. Now you all know by now I’m in the process of writing my album and let me tell you. I love making music. I love performing. I love people. I love working with people. I love inspiring and motivating people because of just strictly my love for something so important. Don’t do something just because other people are doing it, or don’t do something to receive something from it, because if that’s the case you will never be fully fulfilled in life.

The biggest takeaway I have from being 22, is that YOU Matter. What you have to say matters, what you do matters, what you think, feel, love matters. You might feel out of place or like you don’t belong along the way but that’s part of becoming the very best version of yourself. There are moments of doubt, there are moments of fear. There are also big moments of feeling proud of yourself, and passionate and motivated, but I hope more than anything I can tell you is that there are not just moments, but a whole life filled with love. No matter what kind of love, just love. Love with all your heart. Love with all your soul. Love with your life.



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