Hello all you beautiful people, In today’s post we are going to be talking about growing up and things changing.

This seems like kind of an obvious topic right? Well it’s something that is so apparent in life but yet sometimes so hard to deal with. Growing up I hated change, like I hated when things seemed or felt different and out of the ordinary. I was very use to routine and kind of the same thing happening day in and day out. For someone who almost feared change because, in all honesty it is kind of a scary thing especially when it’s up to you that’s making the changes… because when things happen that are out of your control, you kind of just have to roll with it. When it’s up to you, you have full control of it and you have to make the decisions. Change is a beautifully scary thing, change can open new doors and take you to new places. We go through these phases in our lives where it seems as though nothing changes, but in reality we are working for those changes that we are ever hoping for. It might feel the same day to day but when you look back you’ll realize everything was different and those changes made you who you are and took you to where you are now. When I say I hated change, I mean I hated feeling unsure, I hated that weird feeling it brought along with something new and it is scarier as you get older for sure, but in such a weird way I’ve grown to love it. I mean for someone who hated change as much as me to move to a completely new state that’s A LOT of change and it kind of forced me out of my comfort zone, it forced me to try so many new things and I’m thankful for change. I’m thankful for the hardships that have come along with it, I’m thankful for the blessings that have come along with it. Change happens every single day, whether or not you want to believe it, it does.

Most of my audience reading is around the same age as me, so I’m speaking to you when I say this, In our 20’s our life is just getting started and we have SO much to live for. So much is going to change and we have to be okay with that, we have to accept it and roll with it. Be open to change even though at times it might be scary. We will go through things we never thought we would, bad things, happy things. Relationships will change, we might lose people that we never thought we would, we might gain people we never thought we would.

So today, if you’re reading this and struggling with everything in the world changing around you, I’m here to tell you to live in the moment. Be present and accept that change happens so you learn and grow. Change happens to teach us lessons. Change happens to open new doors and close old ones. So, as I have said for the past year it seems, feel the fear and do it anyway. I mean feel that fear and accept new things, feel the fear and say goodbye to what we don’t need anymore, feel the fear and say hello to new journeys.


“Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have titles until much later. “


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