Living a Life you Love

We all have things in life that we love, wether that’s people, things, places or passions.

I feel like day to day life growing up in this crazy world, we all get so anxious that we aren’t going to be where we see ourselves and it is good to have that fear but you can’t let that take over your life. I’ve always been this person too, I always see myself living the life I dream of far down the road rather than actually living and breathing in the moment of everything. Life happens so fast that when we look back we wish we would have just taken the time to breathe in everything around us. Everyday is built up of moments and memories. Things happen, we have bad days, we have great days. Take time to really let everything that’s happening around you sink in. When you go on that trip, soak in every moment, every new piece of information, every new landscape, the moments with a loved one, the moments with your best friend.

I’m not just talking about the good things in life, though that’s mostly what we dream of right? I’m also talking about the moments when we mess up, the moments we fight with a loved one, when something happens that doesn’t go our way. Not everything in life is always there to teach us a lesson, but we can certainly learn from most things. If you’re fighting with someone you love about something, take a minute and step back and listen to their side, don’t just immediately fight back. We often can learn from these things regardless if they are hard to deal with at the time.

Something that I’ve learned over the last year is that it’s okay to stand up for myself. It’s okay to have an opinion others don’t agree with. You can’t please everyone. For SO long I was such a push over, with honestly everything and SO many people took advantage of it and that sucks. It’s really hard to learn to come out of that though, believe me. I’m someone who is too nice ALL the time, even when I really shouldn’t be. I’m empathetic for people ALL the time too, I constantly feel bad if I stand up for myself and they don’t agree with it, but I know I’m in the right. I feel their side of it, I feel for the hardships their dealing with and I lower myself because of it. It’s really hard to find a balance between it too, because I could never be someone who just doesn’t care. I care too much all the time about everything. But you know, it’s not always a bad thing.



I’m posting an old photo because this is something that makes me look back on all these memories and really just reminisce in the love that was happening for a craft and for the people around me at the time. Every time I’m in a musical these people become my family and I have always loved that about Musical theatre. This was my senior year of high school. We put on West Side Story. I will always remember this, even though this show was so hard, it taught me so much. I love art. I love performing art. I love making art. I know this isn’t my typical “Fashion” blog post but you know, my blog is more so turning into talking a bout life and topics I want to cover in the daily life of a young adult. All of our lives are SO different that we all have such a different take on things, but there are also people out there that are so similar to us as well.

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