Instagram VS Reality


We are all aware of the fact that everyone’s lives look picture perfect on Instagram and I’m guilty of this too. We see the blogger atmosphere living these perfect lives and it’s always hard looking at everything being like how, how do these people travel and make everything look perfect and themselves still look SO put together? I constantly am asking myself this. You have to take a step back and realize a lot of this isn’t reality either and trying to make it your reality is quite exhausting and isn’t worth it. Of course everyone always posts the best parts of their lives, apparently people don’t want to see the struggles but that’s what makes it more interesting I think. Being able to relate to people on a level that is normal and not picture perfect all the time. I write these blog posts because I feel that It is so important to share that part and is sometimes hard to get the message across with just photos and stories all the time. I could talk for hours as you guys know about a lot of things, but I prefer writing it. Writing paints a picture, writing can take you to lands far far away and most adventures are so worth writing about.

This past weekend I went on a road trip with my best friend, and we drove for hours.. getting delirious in the car, jamming out to music and having deep life chats. We drove all the way to San Francisco and mind you, we are two young adults that don’t have endless amounts of money, we were struggle bussing it. You know what though, that’s the best part. That’s the adventure. We didn’t have a giant nice resort to stay at. We literally went to the Golden Gate bridge to get some amazing photos and we were there at sunset for about 3 hours. It was absolutely gorgeous and I’ll remember it my entire life. We didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on restaurants, so we got random gas station food and then drove down the pacific coast highway to get to Big Sur for sunrise. Having these moments in life where it makes life feel like a movie or a fairytale is so important. I don’t know how many people are like this besides me, but sometimes the little things in life make it feel not even real.. when you really just take it all in as it’s happening. I mean, we literally decided to do this on Thursday and left Friday. We slept in the car to wake up for sunrise at the beach, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Doing things out of the ordinary like this has quieted my usually quite busy mind and made me appreciate the art of life. There’s so much more behind photos and taking photos than we realize, or at least in my life there is. We often forget that behind these photos we see on Instagram, there are memories and moments attached to them. I always seem to be living in my own little fairytale world and that’s what makes life so great sometimes. Taking in these moments driving down the Pacific Coast Highway with your best friend and seeing all the beautiful scenery… these moments are where life slows down and the whole world almost stops. Oh and the best part… I’m sharing this because again this was reality, neither of us got to shower all weekend hahaha… I felt and look like I got his by a bus, didn’t brush my teeth and slept with my contacts in all weekend. hahaha yeah here’s me a fashion blogger telling you this, but hey that’s real life. That’s what the adventure brings on.

I had never been to either of these places and my god, Big Sur was the most beautiful beach. It literally looked like something out of a fairytale, I believe the area was actually called Pfeiffer Beach. These shots were taken at like 7 In the morning in the pouring rain and I just could have stayed there forever.

Live your life like it’s a fairytale everyday and you’ll appreciate the little things about life.

“Laughter is timeless, Imagination has no age, Dreams are forever.”

I’m gonna get sappy just for a sec because I’m that person, I swear to you guys the only reason I have some form of abs is from laughing 24/7 because of this dude. Your passion and drive is infectious and out of all of our adventures, The greatest one has been knowing you.

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