All the emotions.

Hi guys,

Happy Saturday. I’m coming on here after a little while of not posting anything. I’ve had a lot to talk about recently but very scattered thoughts, thus me just not posting… Or typing something out and then hating it. Today I wanted to keep it simple but important, because what I have to say is important.

As we get older and we are all in this weird phase of figuring out what we are doing with our lives and how bad we want that pretty little picture of how we vision our successes but never actually envisioning the road it takes to get there. We want the final product right here, right now and we are NEVER content, we always want better, which is great and you should always strive for better, but you also need to learn to love the now that you’re living in. I know I’m speaking to a broad range of people and there might be people out there who aren’t like this but growing up in the generation that I am in this is ALL I see, even in the people that I know. We are forgetting to appreciate the little things in life. We are forgetting to appreciate WHO we have in our life. We are forgetting the small things in our day to day life that really make us happy and realizing deep down we actually are happy. I think it’s SO important to take a step back from the craziness of wanting to get somewhere and be somebody that we are forgetting that we are somebody, because as much as we see ourselves in the future there’s truly no finish line that we cross and say one day YES this is how it looked in my head. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but 9 times out of 10 the picture we see in our head isn’t how our life looks or ends up.

We get wrapped up in the hustle that we don’t realize what’s sitting right in front of us. Appreciate the people in your life that are there by your side no matter what happens, no matter what situations you get yourself into, or failures you might have, or successes. Appreciate those close to you every single day. Those that motivate you, those that inspire you, those that keep your head on your shoulders.

Something that really helps me to “Live in the now” is make sure that I’m doing something every single day that I love. Now, this can be small little things such as even doing your makeup or dancing or even talking to your best friend. If we aren’t living with passion and love, are we really living at all? We are made to be passionate about life and spread love. Yes, of course with all of this comes sadness and heartbreak… and all the emotions, but those you can’t shy away from either. A lot of people tend to think because I’m happy all the time and generally a positive person I never get sad or haven’t had heartbreak. False, I’m human too and my life is far from perfect. Now, with me saying that… I don’t really ever talk about it or go too in detail about it because there are parts of my life, the older I get, want to just keep to myself. I want to learn from the emotions and grow from them.

Well I just went on a really long tangent and I always tend to do that, but that’s all I wanted to talk about today. Moral of the post is to appreciate where you are with what you have and who’s around you. Appreciate it more than you ever have. You will notice a dramatic change in how you’re living your life.



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