Live More Magic

Wow you guys, I’ve re-written this post like 5 times because I’ve had so much to say and I also don’t know what to say. I didn’t want to go on social media or here and be like sorry I’ve been so MIA, but I just really needed some time to live in everything that was happening around me and re-adjust my focus.

So here goes it.

Welcome back, It’s been a rough last two months. So much has happened in my personal life that has really I guess shaken me up and typically over the years I’ve tried not letting that break me down or give my brain a reason to have a creative block but sometimes it just gets too much. I wanna be real and honest with you guys because that’s who I am and if I can help someone else out there who may be going through a tough time, that warms my heart. I’ve also learned that In these times I find the most beautiful things come from it. I’ve always been someone who works through my emotions, by that I mean I literally live through my emotions. I’ve written some of my best songs, coming from a dark place. For me being such a happy person all the time, you guys might think this is weird, but it’s who I am. There’s this quote that says ” I have a happy personality, with a heavy soul, sometimes it gets weird” that’s the best way I can describe myself honestly.

This last month I was able to go home, back to Washington for well over a week and I was honestly so excited. I needed to feel grounded again, I needed to be around family, I needed to be in Washington. I can really only speak for myself about this but as you grow older and you’ve either moved away from home, whether it’s super far away or a different city in the same state. Going back home has a different meaning. Growing older makes you appreciate where you came from, it makes you see the little things in life as big things. One of my favorite things about home in the summertime is the hops growing, They’re beautiful and there’s really nothing like it, especially picking a hop from the vine and opening it and smelling it. Most people that didn’t grow up where I did think hops smell gross, but they are honestly one of my favorite smells. So, I’ve been super transparent about moving away to a new state and what the process of that was like and continues to be like living so far away. Let me tell you, this last trip made me realize it never gets easier leaving home. It never gets easier leaving family, It never gets easier seeing your nieces and nephews growing up and not having seen them for two years. It never gets easier leaving your parents. It never gets easier. Hug your loved ones, appreciate your friends. Say I love you more times than you think necessary.

Without a doubt going back home in the summertime always brings back memories from my childhood growing up. Spending the summers outside swimming every single day, and pitching a tent in the backyard with my cousins and honestly just spending every day soaking in those moments with family. Those moments are what life is about. We, as growing up adults are so worried about what’s next, and finding the next best thing, that we don’t truly relish and live in the now. We don’t appreciate what’s happening right now, in front of us. We’ve become a generation so focused on instant gratification, rather than appreciating something we’ve created and truly letting that soak in and be proud of before moving onto the next. The memories you have years from now are going to be the small moments you think you won’t ever remember.

So, my message here today is to Live More Magic. Live for the moments that you’re laughing with your best friends, live for the moments you’re having the time of you’re life at your favorite concert, live more magic every single day, life is magic itself, if we let it be. Live it.

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