In The Moment.

What is up world? How has everyone been?

I come to you with having taken another break from writing, which to be honest I’ve learned in recent months is OK and I’m not sorry. I’m gonna start this off by saying we see so many ” I’m sorry I’ve been MIA” “I’m sorry I haven’t updated you guys since yesterday because etc…” or “I’m sorry I’ve been gone” Like why are we sorry? Why are we sorry for living life and not always posting it?? I get it though believe me, I’ve done this too, but it’s time to stop being sorry.

I’ve been posting a lot less on social media as people have been noticing, in turn I have been a lot more present and focused and that is what I wanted to talk about today. I finally have found the words to talk about this and understand why this is all happening at this point in my life.

I’ve talked about this before and touched on it a few times but now am learning how sucked into it I was without realizing it. Our generation has become the “burn out generation” and by that, if you haven’t heard that before means, that we are always onto the next best thing and that being tired is now “cool” and to not rest or take a break is not okay because you’re seen as “not working hard enough.” No one seems to be as focused on what’s right in front of them anymore and how important being focused on what is right in front of them is. How important it is for your mind and how you feel about your life every single day, and really not just your life but yourself too. Since I’ve been on my phone a lot less when I’m out of the house for example even just running errands I notice so much more around me and I appreciate so many more little things that would go un- noticed If I were to be on my phone. I notice and really breathe in how beautiful sunsets are and the clouds in the sky. I notice how great it feels to be driving with the windows down and blasting my favorite songs, I also notice around me how many other people are looking down into their phones, which kind of saddens me. I notice this also while meeting people for coffee or food. It’s something that bothers me when people can’t be off their phones while being present with someone else. I’ve been posting a lot less about where I am and what I’m doing because of that very reason, I want to be present in the moment. While you’re present in the moment you feel less stressed about things you have the ability to really understand and connect and FEEL whole heartedly. I find myself taking photos just for the sake of taking photos of things that I love and admire. While I still ALWAYS love the shoots that I do, I’ve been trying to make more a meaning behind them and an importance. Now, something else I want to touch on is I’m not sitting here saying social media is bad and you shouldn’t ever be on it, I’m telling you my perspective and how I view this as of recently and from experience. I think it’s a wonderful way to connect with people from all over and for businesses and marketing, it’s amazing. As someone who is passionate about so many different things with a hard time finding focus, The less time I’ve spent on social media the more time I’ve had to focus my all and my heart on my music. Which I’ve noticed a GREAT amount of improvement. I’ve been fully living my life outside of my phone which is how life is meant to be lived, even if you don’t think you’re someone who gets sucked into social media as I thought… I realized I relied heavily on it. I have found so many other things in life inspire me and have found the connections and relationships around me are so important that I don’t need to share every detail online. To take moments for what they are and take a snapshot in my mind rather than for my story all the time.

I hope that this message inspires someone out there and that my words mean something to someone and that they can learn from what I have to share. Focus on the now. We are all living different timelines and that doesn’t mean you’re falling behind because yours doesn’t line up with someone elses and next to that we are all living different stories, just because your story isn’t the same as someone else doesn’t mean you’re doing the wrong things or making the wrong decisions. You have one life, this day happens once. Live fully, love fully, feel real human connection, seek real human connections and put your phones down for a minute. I LOVE sharing things that make me happy, like music and fashion and dancing, but I also LOVE living in it too.



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