I’m gonna start this post with a quote that I saw on Instagram that really resonated with me;

“what if the universe is trying to get us to slow down? To stop producing. To stay home and let the earth breathe a little without all the extra pollution we cause daily. To take a step back and realize how we really impact earth and one another. That we aren’t as significant or in control as we think we are. A virus can come through and wipe us all out but earth will still be here. We are all connected. Just like we spread a disease, we can also spread love, kindness, and positivity. Use this time for reflection of your contribution and the life your living. Slow down and finally hear yourself again. The universe is always speaking to us if we are willing to listen. ”

Take a minute and read that. Let it sink in.

With that being said, I think it’s very imperative during this time to stop. To stop from the business of our daily lives and the things that we HAVE to do. Things that we have to get done. The universe is telling us in so many more ways than one to stop what we are doing and look around at how we are living. How we are treating each other, how we are taking care of the earth, how we are taking care of ourselves, how we are loving each other, how we spend time together, the things that we take for granted. We take SO much for granted every single day, even the simple factor of leaving the house to go somewhere, wherever that may be. Take this time to reflect, and stray away from the norm, what you’re use to. Make sacrifices to save someone else, we are capable of doing just that. We have it easier than our grandparents all did, I mean we really do. Things have been cancelled, jobs have been put on hold, businesses have let people go, festivals have been cancelled or put on hold, concerts/tours have been cancelled, gigs have been cancelled, everywhere has been shut down or closed. While there is so much sadness going on I get it believe me I do. It sucks for people that haven’t been able to finish the year of school, or musicians can’t play shows anymore. It sucks, but you have to try and look at the positive side of things, you have to look at what this is really showing us. WE are blessed to live in the world we do. Its asking us to take care of each other and take care of what we take for granted.

I’ve read so much over the last few days as I’m sure many of you also have and I really dug myself a hole the other day because it was just everywhere, which yes it should be, but there is so much uncertain information out there, which makes it twice as scary. What are we suppose to believe, how do we know what’s actually a reality. So many opinions, so many people upset, so many people distressed and filled with fear. It’s easy to get that way right now and so many people not staying home.

Take this time to explore music, watch movies, read books, love your loved ones, call all your friends, be there for one another. I’ve seen so many people painting, drawing, writing, putting on live concerts on Instagram from their house, take photos, meditate, SELF LOVE, take care of your mind, learning something new, play guitar, piano, write some music. Do the things that you’ve been putting off that you now have the time for.

Everything feels very uncertain right now, but we have the power to put love into the universe and into each other. We have the power to change our thoughts into positive ones. We have the power to give to one another, WE have the power to take care of our world by small acts of kindness for ourselves and one another.

“stars can’t shine without darkness”

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